Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sometimes there are days when I hit a complete drought where creating is concerned.  I will nearly always start off with a beautiful antique postcard as my first inspirational piece.  Then from that place go absolutely no where!  Believe me I mean no where!!

I will sit and look at the image for ages waiting for something to click and settle in my mind and it never comes.  This image was a perfect example!  There have been times I have abandoned an image because I am in such a rut in regards to ideas and vision.  This young girl is so beautiful that I felt sure I would be romping along but no, after a couple of days of hacking in bits and pieces I was no nearer a finished design.

The hardest part of this design was if you would believe it the background!  I tried so many before I got to the simple sky idea.  Wish I had though of it earlier and from that jumping off point I was off and running.

Sometimes it can be so frustrating but when you do finally get to the point where it all works and comes together it is magical.

I hope you enjoy this new Fairest Of Them All Collection and have a great weekend of creating!

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Friday, April 13, 2012


My very latest design has been created using one of my all time favourite vintage postcards.  This wonderful postcard has been part of my collection for a very long time and I truly love the expression in her eyes.  Now I will say that this face and eyes have been completely remastered by me before I even began my newest design.

Many times I will begin a design and it just does not have enough going for it to make the cut.  I am really fussy about the completed image and often these will be put away until inspiration strikes.  That was not the case with this latest creation, Sparkling Eyes as I have always called her just seemed to flow and these are my very favourite designs of all.

I truly hope that you love this latest creation of mine and you can find her and others by visiting YOUR CRAFT EPHEMERA and by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Time for another free image for you to enjoy from my large collection.  This image has been restored by me and is great quality with a high resolution.  Simply click on the image and then right mouse click and save.

Enjoy using this image for your crafts the only thing I ask is that you do not sell the image digitally or as part of a digital collage sheet, have fun!!!!!

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