Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Perfect size for hang tags, atc and aceo......
All occasion card design.....

Large print perfect for home decor, journals or scrapbooking......

This latest design was completely built around this wonderful image of the little girl with her dogs.  I knew as soon as I finished restoring this postcard that these little charmers would find their way into one of my designs.

Miss Dolly as I like to call her reminded me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Toto, so that was my jumping off point.

Miss Dolly travelled around Oz and during that time she made friends with a blackbird called Freddy and they became firm friends.  Freddie had managed to escape from a blackbird pie and was very grateful to be safe once again.  The blackbird flew high in the sky and helped lead Miss Dolly home.  Like all good little girls Miss Dolly did not want to arrive home empty handed so she came bearing beautiful flowers for her parents.

Patch not wanting to be left out has found a new friend called 'Trotter and they were both pleased to be home with a warm fire to snuggle up to, bliss indeed!

This charming new design is available in my Etsy store YOUR CRAFT EPHEMERA and you can find it HERE.

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  1. Maureen...this is darling my it!

    About blogger/and your comment.

    I am totally confused. I don't even know what kind of blog I have. I have to wait for Mr. AGPMan to get home to TELL ME! Bah! All so confusing!